Monday, July 20, 2015

The Geeks Bedroom - Roombox

The Geeks Bedroom

This bedroom corner was designed with the comic book geek in mind. Heavily featuring Batman's Harley Quinn and the bat logo itself. Scale is 12" dollhouse scale.

 Handmade Batman t-shirt laying on a chair with Harry Potter - some comics and candy wrappers scattered beneath.

Various books on a shelf atop the dresser.

Close up of rug, candy wrappers and comics under dresser.

Lamp made from chess pawn - pencil from toothpick, various Magic: the Gathering cards, Walking Dead comics and books.

The Batman dresser. If you didn't know you wanted one, you sure do now. Pinterest project for the Fall?

Wall clock made from a button.

 The outside of the roombox is covered in comic book themed papers.

Side view

Dresser with card.

Another top dresser view.
Newspaper printouts and a local convention schedule are posted to a bulletin board. Harley Quinn well-loved poster hangs on wall.

"Stan" is carved into the side of the dresser (despite the room being heavily Batman themed)

Front view of corkboard

Close-up of chair.

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