Friday, July 31, 2015

Guillotine - D&D Scale

D&D Scale

After making the hangman's hills, I was on a mission of gore. From gallows to guillotine - next up will be some torture chamber items - but they haven't made it from my brain to my paper yet.

So I made two actual guillotine pieces - one is a stand alone little piece and the one I'm showing you, which is a full hilltop scene with the stairs leading up to the guillotine itself.

I began with stir sticks and various scraps of basswood I had. I'd drawn a bit of a sketch with the basic idea and just sort of winged it from there.

Beneath the stand

The two guillotines I made - the sides are made from basswood, the places you would put a persons head had to be made from balsa because it was the only thing soft enough to carve a hole into. The blade is cereal box card folded in half.

Stairs made from stir sticks. I was pretty impatient with this project and used hot glue in most instances, even though I probably should have used PVA - I wanted instant gratification, though.

Base the area in black...

Painted a wood effect with 3+ layers of brown and then edged in tan. I then glued it down to a piece of pink foam I've carved a rock face into.

Sadly it started raining as I was taking pictures, so this is the brightest I could get the guillotine itself.

Coffee and tea mix used for dirt - mix of various substrates for the grass from Woodland Scenics.

Side view

Face on view of guillotine, some blood dripping.

Wooden stairs leading up the mountain to guillotine

Ladder/Stairs up to guillotine

Rope hanging down


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