The Maker

       My name is Jessica Armstrong. I'm a 30-something mom and crafter.

I've lived in Ontario, Canada my entire life, but never long in the same place. I've put down roots in Chatham, ON with my husband and best friend, James. He puts up with my crafty mess-making while we raise our amazing daughter. Hi-jinks ensue when we're in goofy moods, which is most of the time. We live in a century home which creaks and moans more than our own bones. We have two cats and I'm not allowed to get a snake, apparently.

I'm a board gamer, a video gamer, fantasy and sci-fi lover, and all around geek-girl. I go to comic-cons, but am far too fond of comfort to dress up. I make YouTube videos, but not nearly often enough. I like cooking, but only if I'm not working on a crafting project. I love antiques and antique stores. I'd prefer to wear pajamas at all times of the day, but the looks I'd get in Walmart would be too much for my fragile ego.

I love magic and everything surrounded in it, despite not *actually* believing it exists. Goblins have run away with my heart and just won't give it back, the little buggers. I don't really do the girly, lacey, frilly, elegant thing - I like making things look old and mucky, rusty and spooky, dilapidated and falling apart. Which I guess is why I get along so well with the green-skins.

^That's my overly colourful mug there!


  1. Just found your website and love it. Followed a link from Red Dragon Tattoo Shop Miniature. I love it, love miniatures and have a few custom tattoo's. Your profile is great and like you I can and do as often as possible stay in my nightgown all day. And I don't go the girly thing at all..I don't want pastels, flowers, floral, lace or ruffles on anything. I prefer my theme to be black and white loaded with music and antiques and the darker and more gloomy it is suits me fine. I hate daylight pouring in my house. Now if I only had the nerve to put those amazing colors in my hair. Oh and move to Canada. It would feel like I died and went to heaven.

    1. Sounds like you and I would make excellent friends! Feel free to add me on Facebook: