Thursday, July 23, 2015

Small Tudor House: D&D Scale

Tudor Home
D&D Scale

This was my first and possibly only attempt at a fully-disassemble-able tiny home. In all honesty, it's too much work for the yield. Unless you absolutely need to, I would not advise making such small buildings open-able. 

House is made from white foam core, cereal box roof and balsa wood for planks.

Roof has a base of cereal box and then long strips of shingles are applied (also made of cereal box)

WARNING: Do not make the same mistake that I did. DO NOT use dried parsley flakes as ivy. It looks good in this photo - but it has now been several years since I built this and the ivy is now yellow in colour. Unless you find a way to cover the parsley in green paint first, this technique does not hold up in the long run.

Inside is wallpapered with scrapbooking paper and stairs are built out of popsicle sticks.

Top is flocking, bottom is all parsley. 

I'm not a fan of cutting windows out and going through all the trouble with them, so I made fake windows. Inside the home are drapes that cover the "windows"

Outside windows are painted and then filled with PVA glue to give it the look of a pane of glass.

Each layer comes apart and is playable.

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