Friday, July 31, 2015

Ruins for D&D Mark II

 Ruins Mark 2
D&D Scale

Something that's always in need, either in D&D encounters or for Warhammer games is ruins. Several years ago I built my first ruins and this week I was working on an updated version.

The basis for these ruins is pink foam, bought from Home Depot. I'm pretty random with my sizing. I go willy nilly with my Xacto blade to get a good chunk, and then use the same blade to cut notches in what will become a rock face.

Cutting pink foam is like fingers to chalkboard for me, so I have a difficult time with it, sometimes. 

Then I cut 1 inch by 1/2 inch blocks that would become the stones the ruins were build from.

White glue to stack them. I did this while the husband was away. He kept stealing my bricks and building things with them. Maybe one day I'll get him to build some ruins. For now, he prefers to just play with what I make - haha

Next was painting the brick and rock. I was unsatisfied with the normal black, dark grey, lighter gray and white situation that one normally does for rock. So after I did that, I took some Sepia ink and added a bunch of water and then washed it over the rock. I feel it makes it a lot more natural, colour-wise.

Then I added skulls, a tree - another tree and some odd rock bits and painted the base green before adding my flock

Front view of ruins

Side view

Up close

Back view

Back rock face.


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