Friday, July 31, 2015

Standing Stones

Standing Stones
D&D Scale

I was looking at pictures of real life standing stones like Stonehenge and I'm fairly certain I was watching something odd on Netflix when this popped into my head. I've never built them before, but I really loved this build - I can add detail and a wee bit of gore, while still maintaining that D&D feel.

Started out with a pink foam base and randomly cut some large stone-like bits to make up the circle of stones. I didn't measure or anything - I just started chopping and gluing. 

Well, the outer stones weren't enough - I wanted to add a ritual space, and thus the stone ritual altar was born. My husband thinks Aslan belongs on it.

Added some stones and painted the foam to match each other, with a sepia wash.

Even added some kitty litter as small scatter here and painted it to match the rest.

I knew I wanted the center to be dirt and the outer to be more grassy, so I painted the base as such.

Finished, I've added the scatter, some rope around the stones, etc.

The stone altar has two pieces of material (baby wipes) draped over it as an accent - blood drops as well.

Side view

Some trees add a nice accent as well.

I bought the tree bits from Goodwill in the used floral section - I bought a big bunch of stuff for $3 and have already started making use of it.

Top down of the whole scene.

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