Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Little Slugger Bedroom

Today I'm doing something completely different and out of left field (hah - I did a pun!) because I normally do either fantasy or horror or sci-fi things. This is probably the most down-to-earth and ordinary thing I've ever crafted, but it's so adorably cute, I hope you'll still love it! 

I designed some teeny tiny dollhouse baseball cards for Alpha Stamps and wanted to show them off and needed a scene to showcase them in, so this Little Slugger Bedroom came to pass.

I started out with a chipboard bed from GSLC (materials list at the end) and a piece of half inch insulation foam cut to size for the mattress. 

I used a piece of one inch insulation foam for the base and covered it in balsa wood for a hardwood floor look.

I hot glued my foam in place with my low-temp glue gun (don't use a high temp glue gun with foam, you'll cry and it will melt and you'll be very sad)

I painted the whole bed with my cheapo dollarstore white paint and used some Tim Holtz Distress Ink Walnut Stain stamp pad around the edges of the bed just to give it some definition.

I stole some of my husbands old PJ's (yes, I really did!) that he didn't want anymore (well, there's a hole in them now, so he'd be I hope he doesn't want them anymore...) to make the bedspread and folded and hot glued it into place in the position I wanted.

Then I took an old sheet and tucked it in underneath and hot glued it into place as well. I sure do love my hot glue - haha! I used sharp scissors to cut the material down to size.

I used the same sheet to make a matching pillow and stuffed said pillow with said sheet (who said it had to be stuffed with cotton? Not me, that's for sure!)

My little baseball kit came with the bat on the left looking as such, but of course I wasn't satisfied, so I took some electrical tape (right) and cut it into a small strip to wrap it around the bottom of the bat.

The effect is a more defined bat - it might not be highly noticeable in the scene, but I notice and I'm all about the tiny details.

I cut out ALL the baseball cards from my collage sheet and stored them in my little box here - seriously, there's so many baseball cards, I'll never run out. I only used a tiny bit for this scene and I have a tonne left over!

Full side one.

Foot of bed view.

Full side two.

Back of bed view.

Some books on the ground with baseball cards.

The bed is scattered with baseball cards.

The baseball, glove and a book.

The little sluggers favourites!

The baseball bat.

A cardboard box I made from scratch and filled with "Baseball books"

The pillow.

The bed itself.

Thanks for checking in with me and I hope you liked this little detour into the normal!

Materials List

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