Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Vampire Slayer Research Table

Welcome, welcome, welcome, my miniature friends, to the Hellmouth! Today I'm showing off this lovely piece I made for Alpha Stamps featuring a collage sheet I designed with all the books from the Buffyverse. So there's quite a few books tucked into this piece, but not nearly enough to make a dent in what's available in the sheet itself, so check out the materials list at the bottom.

I love my overview pictures, so check out the next couple of views all around the scene.

Stacks of papers and research, books, and some secrets hidden.

Someones burning the midnight candles.

Candles are made from air dry translucent clay. 

The stakes are whittled down from sticks found in my backyard, which is exactly as messy as you'd think it is and my living room is covered in bits of  bark now. Which is totally fine because now I have tiny vampire stakes, which is awesome. The glasses are made from copper wire that I just bent into shape.

Moloch book and lovely candle from Alpha Stamps.

A spell being created, another stake, the "Vampyr" book and the "Witchcraft" book in the back, with a jar I altered from Alpha stamps using Tim Holtz alcohol inks.

The most important research of all - the Vampire research.

The werewolf research - maybe they'll find out something new about Oz!

Bynums History of Witchcraft on a stack of aged paper.

Stack of paper and a scroll on top with an old seal made from hot glue.

Alpha Stamps Materials

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