Sunday, February 26, 2017

Aldraths Academy

Goodmorrow my fellow crafters and miniaturists! Today I'm presenting to you something that I've been agonizing over for ages now because it is just so completely stuffed full of magical goodness, your eyes just won't know where to land, so let me ease you gently through the tour of the Headmasters very messy office in Aldraths Academy.

To begin, Aldraths Academy is not Hogwarts. It's not, but it totally is. But it's not. Except it is. Not.

As you know, I'm a big fan of roughing things up. I had this lovely pristine desk to work with and so of course, I had to take a nail file to it to make it look like it had been sitting in the Headmasters office for the last century or so. I hit every edge with the file I could.

I even did the drawers as you can see here. I found it really made the whole desk "pop" out from the background as well. Obviously if you're doing a desk scene, you don't have to do this. but I'm very fond of ruining nice and sparkly things as you may have noticed.

One of my main go-to craft supplies for this whole scene were some of the Tim Holtz alcohol inks (check out my materials list at the end of the post). On the eggs inside jars, I dripped the ink on and then painted on spots to create a more magical, otherworldly egg. However, I was much more blown away by the effect created by adding the alcohol ink to the tiny glass jars you'll see throughout the scenes. I'll point them out for you along the tour.

The Headmasters office in Aldraths Academy. How he actually gets to his chair, we'll never know.

I've recently become addicted to creating stacks of paper.

What good wizard would be without a stack of papers about Conjuration? All tied up and bound with a seal.

An illusion stack and hiding in the bottom an old cabinet photograph.

The old leather wingback chair of the Headmaster, piled with old scrolls and a map.

The messy desk.

This is actually my favourite part. The little vial comes clear, but after you drop a few droplets of red alcohol ink from Alpha Stamps on there and let it dry (it seriously only takes a minute or so), it looks like a healing potion - and it works so perfectly. You could have shelves filled with these and use different shades of alcohol inks to show different kinds of potions. I'm so in love with this and it's seriously the most simple thing in the universe. 

The Headmaster has some acceptance letters ready to be mailed out to prospective students sitting on his desk, along with his morning tea.

Framed portraits of teachers at Aldraths Academy.

School books for the various courses available at Aldraths Academy, along with some magical red eggs.

The shelf above the Headmasters desk, filled with special potion ingredients, scrolls and various other tidbits.

Newtonium Figmule eggs, which are normal brown and white kitchen eggs with blue alcohol ink droplets and some white dots added.

Posters of the 4 Houses.

The beautiful planter and blue plant next to his desk.

More shelf space, with the Headmasters picture in the shelf itself.

Hephaestus the Owl watches over the Headmasters office.

Alpha Stamps Materials

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Materials


  1. This is an AWESOME project! So much detail and so many things to see in every nook and cranny.

  2. I love this and adore your art. I'd love to follow your blog, but couldn't find a way to do so. I am a new follower on YouTube and FB, but would like to get notifications when you post something on your blog.

    1. I've gone ahead and added an email option and am looking at other options as well - still new to the blogging scene, so please bear with me as I muddle about trying to get things right :)

  3. Awesome, amazing and ADORABLE!!!! Love it :)

    (Yippeee!! I'm your first follower, lol :D)