Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wizard Paper Stacks

Stacks of ancient documents and spell pages, collected by witches and wizards. Stacked in a corner or piled on a desk alongside some antediluvian maps of fantasy places only wizards can visit.

I began by cutting out my maps from my Antique Maps collage sheet (coming soon at Alpha Stamps).

I tinted the back with my instant coffee mixture so that any back that does show through, isn't a stark white. I do this before I cut out just to make life easier.

Then I cut out my strips of old photos (also available at Alpha Stamps coming soon!) and picked out a couple that looked especially wizard and witch-like.

I used my stamp pads to tint the edges of my maps and photos before adding them to the scenes.

And then started building up mini papers and adding my own spin before it all started coming together for me. Check out the finished product below!

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