Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tiny Little Books

Tiny Little Books

I've been a busy little bee working studiously away making teeny tiny 1" little books! Lots of little covers to pick from, in various themes. I even came up with a tutorial to show you how to make openable books for yourself in video form (check the end of the blog post)

Grimm's Fairy Tales themed books.

With a whole lot of different covers, some simple and some a lot more complex.

And each one has a different thickness and is one inch high and can be made into an openable book.

There's also a more plain set of books, which I really love because you can sneak them easily into so many scenes!

I've snuck some fancier ones in there, too, though.

There's 45 books per sheet, which gives you tons of books to work with.

And now you can learn how to use book cover sheets to make your own miniature openable books with this little tutorial! Check it out here:


  1. And to think I used to make mini books the hard way.

  2. absolutely LOVE your designs!!!! I could not find where to sign up for your blog emails? I would really enjoy seeing them!! thanks so much for sharing with us!!!!!