Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dragon Scale Books

Dragon Scale Books

Made completely out of kids craft foam from Michaels. I slapped some gesso on it and then painted them. Despite the fact that this will be a short post, this actually takes a (REALLY REALLY) long time to make. It's all the fussy cutting, really. Cutting the strips and then cutting into those strips and such. So I sat my butt down in front of the TV and spent a (couple of) evenings cutting out dragon scale from craft foam.

The green book was actually designed on a book box (the crafting kind you can decorate, as Because I was learning as I went, it does not actually open and just exists to showcase the way I make dragon scales.
This red book is my more up-to-date project. It's actually designed on a lined journal in case someone wanted to use it for a Spell Book for D&D or art...or other things. Important things.

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