Saturday, May 23, 2015

Knit Your Bit - Miniature Roombox

I've got a weird fascination with the second World War - and so I've packed it into this roombox I've nicknamed "Knit Your Bit" (note the poster on the wall).

An older lady (her name is Hazel) lives in a small home during WWII, all alone while her husband and his friends are away at war. The era of knitting propaganda is showcased while she has stepped away to put on the kettle.

^ The entire scene in all its tiny glory.

^ A found basket full of balls of yarn. Loose socks that have been completed and an "in progress" sock left on an old chair while she puts on the kettle.

^ Hazel is a big supporter of knitting and books and wants to do her bit to send the boys overseas some books and socks. The upkeep of the house has fallen behind.

 ^ Hazel has some parcels ready to go. You can also see the remainder of her collection of books. At least one of those parcels has some books ready to be sent to her husband.

^ Some more parcels ready to go.

^ An open drawer. You can tell Hazel is in a bit of a fret this morning.

^ Letters from her husband and friends. You may also spot a hanky she's used to wipe away some tears from some emotional correspondence 

^ Hazel bought this set of chairs when she and her husband Herman first got married. It has seen them through some very rough times.

^Miniature knitting needles and project are one of my favourite bits from the whole scene.

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